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Pigeons on a building ledge - Bird Control Services

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of pigeon devices spikes and netting

Getting rid of pigeons and unwanted birds can be a daunting experience. In recent years, much has been published online regarding bird control services. As a result of much of this information being time wasting tales and advice for generating advertising revenue, there is a desperate reach for unverified “free” information online. Articles most noteworthy are written by pest professionals, especially those that chose birds for a living.

Above all, there are a range of solutions to review whether you are a DIYer or you contact a Professional Licensed Bird Control Specialist. Depending how pronounced the pigeon problem has become, the outcome you desire and the architectural attributes on your site, how they are implemented determine the overall results and satisfaction.

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Bird gel on applied to a ledge - Bird Control Services

Bird Gel

Protects building surfaces such as ledges and unlike other gels, signs invisibly from birds as well as the messes they create.
Bird spikes on a building roof - Bird Control Services

Bird Spikes

Used to create a harmless physical barrier that prevents pests from landing on property surfaces.
Bird Netting - Bird Control Services


Block bird pests from entering building areas where they are unwelcome and uninvited.


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Bird spider on building roof - Bird Control Services

Bird Spider

Bird Spiders move in the wind, significantly creating a distraction zone that keeps birds away from the area being treated.
Shock tracks on ledge - Bird Control Services

Shock Track

For a highly effective but visually minimalist option regardless of infestation levels.
Clean up service example - Bird Control Services

Clean Up Services

As a result of hazardous animal waste left behind, it is important to have this routinely taken care of with our professional clean up services